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Science Animated is devoted to educating children of all ages. If you enjoy entertainment with a purpose, you'll love our content. is the home to Science Animated the Human Body, The Orbit Show, the Science Factor Podcast and free educational content. All of these productions have one goal in mind, to educate and excite viewers about the subject of science.

From all across America parents, teachers and homeschoolers have purchased "Science Animated: The Human Body". The unique mixture of action adventure and education make this film a must own.

"Science Animated : The Human Body" is an animated educational film that is perfect for school age children. It combines education with entertainment as it covers the bone, muscle and skin systems of the human body. This approach makes learning fun and truly is "Educational Entertainment". All educational aspects of Science Animated have been well researched and confirmed by medical professionals.

About the creator

Award winning artist/animator/radio show/podcast host Chuck Schaser is excited to offer his creation In addition to the fun and exciting information presented on this website, you can also purchase the movie Science Animated: The Human Body. It is perfect for school-age children and covers how the human body works. "Science Animated" combines education with entertainment as viewers join the characters: Dr. Van Schyder, Addy the Atom, Doug, and Ben on a wild ride while learning about the human body. The goal of "Science Animated" is to make learning fun and to encourage children to get excited about science.

In addition to creating "Science Animated", Chuck Schaser also offers The Orbit Show Youtube Series. He hosts the "S Factor" Radio Show/ Podcast and offers free educational animated content  Chuck has illustrated children's books and operates Surreal Graphic Design llc. He has 18 years experience in the graphic arts field.

*Medical professionals were consulted to ensure the accuracy of the films content.

Science Animated Creator Chuck Schaser