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The Orbit Show proudly presents "Orbit Show"!! Our host Orbit is super curious about all things science. Orbit loves science and all it's amazing discoveries. Embark on our exciting and fun adventures. Please like, share and subscribe!! Enjoy!!



Orbit Show Episodes

 Join Orbit on this fun and education journey as he looks under a Microscope! 

Orbit goes on location in the Russian artic to look for another prehistoric bear.

On this Orbit Show Special Report, Orbit takes a trip to the beach after a storm. He investigates Sea Lice!!!  Join Orbit as he explores Sea Lice!!

Orbit loves learning about plants!! Like so many things on earth, plants are living organisms. That means they need food and water to grow! How do they eat? Do they have mouths? Join Orbit as he explores Photosynthesis!!

In 1969 humankind landed on the moon. Is there a man in the moon? Is it made out of cheese? We'll see when Orbit explores the moon!! will be here with the results!!