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The S (Science) Factor

The "S Factor" is a science radio show that also airs as a podcast. The show is hosted by the creator of Science Animated Chuck Schaser. It is full of insightful science news and reports that are extremely interesting and a great listen for the entire family. Listen to the podcast on Apple and Google podcasting services. is devoted to educating children of all ages. If you enjoy entertainment with a purpose, you'll love this website. is the home to Science Animated the Human Body, The Orbit Show and the S Factor Podcast. All of these productions have one goal in mind, to educate and excite viewers about the subject of science.
The S Factor" radio show is hosted by Science Animated creator Chuck Schaser and is all about the amazing world of science. Each show features science news and a main topic that will leave listeners intrigued to learn more. The S Factor radio show airs on Cruisin 92.1 FM but is also available as a podcast.
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